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Default Alternator wire size

Originally Posted by sjhurlbut View Post
I'm almost done wiring my 8. Basic VFR with a few extra wiring items (still tight). My goal is to have all the wiring hidden so going forward into the baggage area is no go.

Question is for guys who have the solenoids behind the firewall (want those hidden as well) I'm running out of room to run the alternator and starter wires (both 4 AWG welding wire from B&C). Don't really want to drill another wiring hole through the left gear tower. Could run it along the floor and cover it somehow.

Any other solutions to this?
4 AWG is overkill for the alternator wire. 6 or 8 should be more than adequate. At any rate, my alternator wire doesn’t go through the gear tower. It runs right underneath the sub panel (baggage compartment bulkhead) to my main bus which is located on the aft lower left side of the baggage compartment bulkhead.

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