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Old 07-09-2018, 11:18 AM
YellowJacket RV9 YellowJacket RV9 is online now
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Never had an issue with any of the dogs at my field and they help contribute to the friendly atmosphere that I enjoy.

I get that they could pose a perceived risk that we want to mitigate. But that risk could be mitigated by politely making sure the dog is secure before starting up. No need to demand constant leashes, or say there is no place for dogs at an airport. There is no place for dogs running around unsupervised, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

If you're remotely concerned, just ask the guy politely to hold onto his dog while you start up and taxi - heck he might even have done it without prompting if he knew you were starting up.

Getting "ticked off" because they were playing fetch while you pre-flighted sounds a bit grouchy and it seems like you were primed for a confrontation even if the dog never posed a problem. There is nothing in your post to indicate that the dog was ever not under "positive control", which does NOT mean a leash.

It's understandable to be uncomfortable around an animal you don't know yet, but how about just meeting him and his owner and finding the best way to coexist in peace? Or if you don't like dogs, just tell him that too and they will probably steer clear.

Chris Johnson
RV-9A - Done(ish) 4/5/16! Flying 4/7/16

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Old 07-09-2018, 11:53 AM
Tankerpilot75 Tankerpilot75 is offline
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Originally Posted by rocketman1988 View Post
Yes, letís litigate the **** out of everything!

I have been based at several airports, and all had dogs.

Never had a problem and everyone just got along, was respectful, and accountable...

...but hey, letís bring the lawyers in...thatís bound to make it better...🤨
Thatís the problem. A careless owner allows a dog loose at an airport that causes damage or injury and the lawyers will become involved!

Most of us love dogs. Having lost two dogs myself (not at an airport) by my own inattention I am more than a little sensitive as to how quickly a dog can do the unexpected. As I said in an earlier post, most accidents donít just happen theyíre usually the result of a series of bad choices. Why setup a situation that can quickly get out of control.

If an owner elects to bring their dog to the airport then just keep it secured so that other people will remain secure.
Jim Harris, RV7A, 2nd owner, N523RM
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Old 07-09-2018, 02:42 PM
OkieDave OkieDave is offline
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Originally Posted by Tankerpilot75 View Post
Since you’re an attorney give some free legal advice. What are the legal ramifications if an unleashed dog causes damage or personal injury at a public airport. Is there personal liability involved?
I've never had occasion to look it up for dogs specifically, but I was asked a similar question about an auto accident involving a cow, and the answer is "it depends," both upon the state and the animal. Some states are "free range" states, in which case there's generally no liability to the owner--it's up to others to keep the animal out, rather than the owner to keep it in. Other states place the burden on the owner.

In addition, it depends upon the animal: if it's the critter's first trip past the wire, there's frequently little to no liability to the owners (similar to the "one free bite" rule), but if it's known to be Houdini on hooves, well, then the owner is on notice and frequently responsible for the damages it causes.

There is also the question of whether there was a leash law in place (not a sure thing, especially since some airports are outside city limits, and such things are generally city-level ordinances). A leash law, and violation thereof, would tend to create liability because the leash law would be designed to prevent the sort of harm incurred (violation of a law doesn't always create liability; if the law is unrelated to the harm, it's not relevant. Consider a law concerning the use of pesticides in a restaurant; violating that law would have no bearing on liability if the ceiling collapses due to a leak in the roof).
Originally Posted by rocketman1988 View Post
Yes, let’s litigate the **** out of everything!

I have been based at several airports, and all had dogs.

Never had a problem and everyone just got along, was respectful, and accountable...

...but hey, let’s bring the lawyers in...that’s bound to make it better...��
Rocketman, I hope the nature of my reply reassures you that it's not as simple as just suing everybody in sight. It's always more nuanced than that.

...and I say that with my beloved labramutt laying here at my feet.

("I'm Indy, and I approve this message.")

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Old 07-09-2018, 04:56 PM
sglynn's Avatar
sglynn sglynn is offline
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Default Dogs and Props

I love dogs. And, I would never leave it off leash at an airport. Too dangerous! If the guy loves his dog he will recognize the potential danger and use a leash.

I was at airport a few years ago and one of our local pilots had his so called airplane-dog with him. Another guy started his engine and the dog decided to bark at the prop and ran right up to it. I was watching. I couldn't believe it. Fortunately the dog felt the rush of the blade just micro inches from getting whacked and backed up. It looked like the prop hit the hair on his lips. I thought for sure I was about to see a prop strike. So glad I didn't. But that was just a lucky moment. Do dog owners really want to take that chance?
Steve Lynn
Flying Phase I
Anacortes, WA
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Old 07-09-2018, 05:17 PM
DaleB's Avatar
DaleB DaleB is offline
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Even smart dogs are pretty stupid by human standards. I'd never allow mine to run loose at an airport, and mine's pretty smart -- for a dog. That means about like a highly mobile but slightly "challenged" toddler.

Omaha, NE
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Old 07-09-2018, 09:23 PM
DaveWelch DaveWelch is offline
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Well Tony, Did you get the answer(s) you expected?
Hope you didnít expect the gang would make it easy <grin>
Full Disclosure: I take our dog to our airport too. We take him for walks on a leash and keep him on a line at the hangar. Our Moontown gang seems to enjoy him visiting as far as I know, and Iím confident that anyone out there will speak up promptly if that changes.
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Old 07-10-2018, 01:28 AM
Tony_T's Avatar
Tony_T Tony_T is offline
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Yes, I guess I knew there would be two sides to the question but I didn't anticipate the level of response I got. I value all of these comments.

I enjoy dogs and don't ever want to see one hurt. And I enjoy my airport pals, with or without dogs. I do still feel that animals can be unpredictable around sudden noises and activity no matter how well they may be trained, should not be free to run on active airplane taxiways. I might feel less strongly if it were a bucolic little grass strip somewhere but this is a Class D airport with lots of airplanes coming and going.

Regarding my encounter in the original post, I haven't had a chance to talk again with the fellow with the dog, but I will be at the airport today and plan to introduce myself and take it from there. I'm sure he and I, and the dog, will be friends and can come to a mutual understanding.
RV-12 #202 -- Flying

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Old 07-12-2018, 04:40 PM
AV8AZ AV8AZ is offline
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In the initial post, I didn't see anything wrong with playing fetch if no planes were active and if it was between hangars or something. I would add (should have stated in my previous post) that if an aircraft is powered up anywhere in the vicinity (e.g. maybe less than 1000') then I do think a dog should be tied/held until the traffic passes unless the pilot turned up knows the dog and the dog's owner (no different than pulling in next to your neighbor's driveway).

Notice how no one complained about lawyers being turned loose around turning props?
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