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Old 01-01-2018, 12:14 PM
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Default A Caveat to waiting on avionics purchase.

I have done well purchasing used Dynon as many upgrade to HDX Systems and ADS B. If Dynon is on your mind and Classic touch screens buying these as they come available certainly saved me big dollars.

QUOTE=Auburntsts;1228943]Going to have to disagree with Bob on this one. have Bose A20s and can hear the stock stall horn just fine.

I agree with Kyle on deferring as much as possible until later as there's not much that benefits from installation during the wing"s construction other than condutit and perhaps the roll servo (and even that's not a big deal to install later especially if you have not decided on a brand). Items like the landing light or aileron trim are in the it doesn't matter category-- maybe slightly easier to install during wing construction but really it's a wash IMO.[/quote]
Dave Cobb
=VAF=2018 Donation - and a bit extra for great work!
Empennage RV 7 - Tipper
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Fuse nearing completion, Canopy complete
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Old 01-02-2018, 01:33 AM
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I'll share some thoughts and what I did for mine.

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
Vans Wing kit options-

1. Landing lights- I will probably go with the sunspot LED landing light kit that vans supplies
1. Wing and tail position/strobes.
What I did here was to use the Ziptips from Aveo, and order my wings without the wingtips. The product they have covers pretty much all your lighting requirements (unless you also want ice lights), with lights in the leading *and* trailing edges of the wingtip - this way I didn't have to run any wires into the rudder. On the downside, this means I'll want to trim down the bottom rudder fairing to remove the larger aft section meant for a light (but that's not required, I could just leave it).

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
2. Aileron trim- Will be doing this. "operates independently from autopilot". If I want an AP system does this mean I'll need different servos for that too? At what point do I need to start thinking about an AP system?
What I'm doing is considering that I'll *probably* go with a Garmin system, so accounting for the right mounting locations of the AP servos, sometimes leaving rivets out for later installing their brackets, etc.

The aileron servo kit from Vans works fine with most APs out there - in the case of Garmin, you run a pair of (shielded) wires from the AP servo to the trim servo. For me, that meant installing the trim servo on the *right* wing instead of left. Their kit is pretty easy to install, too.

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
2. Pitot (will probably upgrade to something heated)
This I did get in advance from Garmin, under the assumption that, worst case, I'll need to get a newer one and have wasted $500, but the mounting is pretty standard and shouldn't change. Consider where and how you'll mount it, and if you get one that has a controller box like the Garmin, where that'll go (easy to do before you close up your wings, no need to do that before you order them). Very likely, you'll need to cut a hole in your bottom wing skin for the mast/mount, which will be way easier to do before they're riveted on (post where I did mine: )

Also, as you're building, it's very important to plan where the tubes will go through - if you need an additional set of holes for AoA, for instance, it'll be much, much easier to drill those before your wings are closed up. The wings come with one set of holes for pitot, but the Van's suggested pitot tube is very simplistic.

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
3. Stall horn (is this included in the wing kit?)
4. AOA
The horn is included, but you'll find various discussions on how people haven't been installing them, in favor of an AoA pitot tube which will give you similar information. Should still be easy to install later if you so decide (it's installed in the first area outboard of the fuel tank, so you'd just have to remove the tank)

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
5. Would like to do a Garmin IFR type setup /w AP, but I need to research this more. should I be looking into this now as well?
Take a look at what the systems look like - what the components are, where they have to be mounted, how they're connected, etc. but you can leave detailed planning for later.

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
When is the right time to get some wiring/crimping tools? Now? Or are they not needed until mid-way through the wings? (I'll probably splurge on the steinair master kit).
It's fine to leave for later, or to get now, up to you. There's almost nothing that you can't wire up later, if you're ok with working through inspection holes. Both the AP and trim servos go on or next to inspection holes, and you can probably install your heated pitot next to one as well.

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
Is that a good list? Is there anything else that I should be researching right now?
Here are a few other things I considered (but didn't necessarily choose to do) - links to my own build:
- Wing stands (so you don't take up 4-8 large workbenches to keep your wings on, and also to keep them later after they're complete). Relevant link:
- Conduits: Also a debated topic, some people love it, some say it's wasted weight I personally found them convenient and ran two through each wing (one for power, one for data and antenna cables). Link:
- Antennas: where do you plan to put yours? A lot of builders put a Bob Archer NAV antenna in the wingtip, which may be relevant for planning how you'll run wires later. Link:
- Magnetometer: the two common places to install it are either inside the tailcone or on the wingtip.
- Fuel caps: the ones provided by Vans are horrible in both appearance and operation. Consider whether you'll want some other model before you build your tanks.
- Static discharge: this is a highly debated topic but IF you decide you want to install static wicks, check out Dayton Granger's recommendation for where to install them, and plan accordingly. You can probably get 2 or 3 wicks and use them for measuring/verifying the mounting holes during the build, then only get the full number you need when you're ready to fly. Likewise, IF you decide you want bonding straps, especially on the ailerons, consider where those will go as you're building.
- De-icing: an uncommon option, but a leading-edge deice kit does exist for the RV10. It's heavy and expensive, including an additional alternator, but if you fly frequently in icing conditions (and you have a matching solution for the tail and prop in that regard), you can consider it. I'm not installing one, at least until the day I decide to fly to the SCRM airport
- Fuel return line: unless you're already decided on going with the standard engines offered by Van's (IO-540 or similar) with the standard fuel injection, you may want to leave yourself the option of having a fuel return line - most Diesels require one (e.g. the shiny new Continental CD230), and so do electronic fuel injection systems. Having at least a fuel return port in your tank leaves you that option for later (and if you don't need it, just put a cap on the port). Link:
Rodrigo Damazio Bovendorp
San Jose, CA
RV-10 builder #41623
Build log at
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Old 01-02-2018, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
5. Would like to do a Garmin IFR type setup /w AP, but I need to research this more. should I be looking into this now as well?
Definitely start looking now, but don't purchase until about six months before you need them. Technology and vendor competitiveness changes very dynamically. For four years during by build I was pretty sure what EFIS vendor I was going to go with on my RV-10. Then market dynamics changes, pricing changed, deals changed, etc., and I went with a different vendor.

Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
When is the right time to get some wiring/crimping tools? Now? Or are they not needed until mid-way through the wings? (I'll probably splurge on the steinair master kit).

They aren't needed now, but if you like to collect good tools you may want to start shopping now. For example, take a look at the cost of the Daniels crimper and positioners that are on Stein's site. You can get these off Ebay for about half the price if you are diligent shopping and avoid bids above your set targets. It took me about six months to get the crimper and all the needed positioners off Ebay at the price points I was willing to pay. Buying the AMP crimper for the faston connectors off Ebay will save a you money as well.

Yes, you can do the job will less expensive tools. However, I've found the better tools I have, the quality of work performed and ease of use tends to be better. But I will also admit, that I'm tool junkie.
Bob Leffler
N410BL - RV10 Flying
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Old 01-02-2018, 09:29 AM
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Default Stall Warner

As others have said, the stall horn is pretty much useless if you have an AOA and ANR headsets, however, I’d still recommend installing the stall warner itself, but ditch the horn and just wire it as a discrete input to your EFIS. The Garmin G3X has a Stall Alert preconfigured and you would select that for your particular discrete input.

Another good reason to hold off on buying components, such as avionics, until you need them is warranty. There’s no sense letting them sit on a shelf with the clock running when you can get just about any of these avionics with a short lead time.

These are exciting times.
Ron Gawer

- RV10, N1530G (reserved). Empennage in progress.
- RV12, N975G, Flying
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Old 01-02-2018, 11:56 AM
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Default And

Exciting and EXPENSIVE times, for sure!🤑
Aerospace Engineer '88

Structure - 90% Done
Cabin Top - Aaarrghhh...
Doors - Done
On Gear
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