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Old 07-20-2017, 05:49 PM
PA-28 Canadian PA-28 Canadian is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Posts: 2

Thanks for the replies everyone. Good to know about the ac. I guess I'm just used to my Cherokee which doesn't have much ventilation on the ground and doesn't climb like an RV so usually pretty hot in flight as well.

I guess I'll have to try and sit in a few 7s to get a real feel. Thanks for the offer of assistance Martin. I'll let you know.

As for the 14, I would love to but the kit is about 10 grand more (u.s. $$$) and the engine they talk about is pricey as well... (the CinC watches the finances quite tightly!). Anyhow I'm just starting to ask questions as I still have 5-6 years before my Cherokee is due for engine OH so I have time. I'll keep everyone posted.

Keep the great info coming!

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Old 07-21-2017, 04:58 AM
MikeyDale's Avatar
MikeyDale MikeyDale is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Garden City Texas
Posts: 829

If you have 5-6 years, you better get started now, these things don't build their selves!
Mike Hillger
Garden City, Texas
First Flight
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Old 07-21-2017, 07:42 AM
Lemmingman's Avatar
Lemmingman Lemmingman is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: McKinney, TX
Posts: 685

Hi John,
I had a lot of the very same questions you did, at the beginning, but from the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm 5'4"....will I fit? I didn't get my answers 100% fulfilled until I met with a few of the builders in my area. I got to sit in the plane, adjust the padding and seat back. I got to see how the rudders adjust during the build process and how they can be changed later. I got to see over the cowl and it was a huge help.

If you haven't explored much here, there is a Canada forum here too. Post a request to visit someone nearby. I'll bet there is a -7 on the field you fly from, assuming you don't fly from a private strip.
Gil Brice
McKinney, TX EAA-1246
RV7 - Working on fuse, fuel, brakes etc...
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Old 08-06-2017, 12:59 PM
Tannerm007 Tannerm007 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: San Antonio
Posts: 1
Default RV-7 will it fit a 6'5" guy?

I have an RV-7A and was able to fit my 6'3" 260 friend without an issue, however my 6'5" friend hit his head on the canopy unless sitting with the cushion removed. He has a very tall sitting height even for his size so that is the important number.
I just bought a kit called almost an RV-14 Seat Mod
This would probably be the SOLUTION for you. Check out the video on the website, it allows the seat to lean further back putting your head into the position to be in the higher spot of the canopy. It makes a big difference and is also a more comfortable position for any tall passengers or anyone just wanting to lean back.
I also have purchased extra removable seat cushions to sit on top of existing cushions for my shorter passengers like my wife who at 5'2" cant see out the front window if the seat is reclined like she likes it.
Also if you are concerned about the tail wheel time you can always look at the RV-7A. I will be honest tail draggers have the cooler old school look, but tricycle gear has it's upsides. Especially on very narrow taxways with no room to s turn.
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Old 08-06-2017, 01:03 PM
bkervaski's Avatar
bkervaski bkervaski is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Posts: 1,207

I'm 6'2" at about 250.

Before I made my decision to build a 14 I sat in a 7 and then a 9 and then the 14 at Sun-N-Fun. As soon as I sat down in the 14 my decision was made, there's just simply more room, not to mention you get the added benefit of the updated kit.
RV-14A #140376
N196 (Flying)
2019 Bronze Lindy

Last edited by bkervaski : 08-06-2017 at 08:36 PM.
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Old 08-06-2017, 06:32 PM
Masterplumber Masterplumber is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Posts: 70
Default RV 7 Room

I fly an RV 10 now, which I love. I started with an RV 7A. I'm 6'3" with a 35" inseam as well.
You'll be snug in a 7. The 14 is roomier but if your mission allows a two seater, I would go with the 7. The 7 is such a delight to fly, nimble, responsive, fun. I think the 14 wing would make the plane fly more like my 10, so I would rather be snug in a 7 than roomy in a 14. YMMV.
But most important, a Cherokee? Once you start flying a 7 (or14, for that matter), you'll kick yourself for not changing planes sooner. If you can swing it, move up ASAP to an RV. You will not regret it. Life is too short to fly a production aircraft.

John Koonce
N78 MU
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Old 08-06-2017, 07:56 PM
Jim T Jim T is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Independence, OR
Posts: 219

Originally Posted by PA-28 Canadian View Post
Hi there,

I currently own a 1967 Cherokee 140 but as retirement looms in 10 years I am really looking into building an RV7.

I do have few questions though.

Number one, and most importantly, will I fit in the RV7? I am 6'5" with fairly long legs (35" inseam) and a large torso as well. When I build the a/c will I be able to modify the panel so that it doesn't come down as far as the standard one? I know some people add an extra 2" to the bottom, I would like to actually take 2" from the bottom for added legroom. Is this doable?

2nd question is how easy is it to transition to a tail wheel? I do have a good amount of flying time (almost 13000 hrs) but most of that is on large multi engine type of planes (P-3 and Airliners).

3rd question. Has anyone built one with air conditioning? Figure it would be nice in the summer months especially if I travel bellow the 49th parallel.

The one thing you didn't mention is what you intend to do with your new airplane after retirement? There's lots of options out there.

RV-12 kit no.: 120647
Working on finish kit

2006 Rans S-6S Coyote (flying)
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Old 08-09-2017, 09:26 PM
workky workky is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Location: Marietta, GA
Posts: 10

I was curious about this as well.
Is the 7 big enough for someone like me?
Mom says things like I'm big boned, or husky.
I'm just fat, 5 11, 240lbs.

Ive just never sat in one, would like to know if they are wide enough
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Old 08-10-2017, 06:47 PM
Salter Salter is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Location: Elberta, AL
Posts: 56

Hey workky,

You'll fit in a 7 or a 9, and no problems at all with the 14.

I am of larger size also, 5'9" - 240 and although its tight in a 9 (with someone else about my size) its something I do on a regular basis.
RV-14 SN 140398
emp & wings complete
fuselage in progress
N70C reserved
Flying out of 82J
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Old 08-10-2017, 07:07 PM
bruceh's Avatar
bruceh bruceh is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Ramona, CA
Posts: 2,209

I'm 6' 2" and long legs, and fit just fine in the -9 (same fuse as the -7). I have the seats all the way back and the pedals all the way forward. Long flights have me looking for ways to stretch the legs, but I'm never uncomfortable.

As others have said, the -14 is just a bit bigger and it makes it more comfortable. We tried one on a Oshkosh and there are many other benefits, such as a lower fuse side (easier to get in, no side struts in your way, better downward visibility).

If I was choosing today what to build, I would probably (for a 2 seater) choose the -14. The only downside is no slider canopy on the -14, but the new tip up design is much nicer than on the -7 or -9.
Bruce Hill
RV-9A N5771H flown over 600 hours!
APRS Tracking for KJ6YRP and New Flying Blog
2019 VAF donator
EAA Tech Counselor
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