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Old 02-26-2019, 09:59 AM
rocketman1988 rocketman1988 is offline
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Default But

“That's true, but on the ground since your rudder pedals would be stiff as a 2x4 and you could only steer with differential braking, you'd be well within the clueless category. ”

Never underestimate people. Some years ago, I watched a guy fail his multi engine checkride because he neglected to untie the aircraft. He didn’t catch it until he tried to taxi...
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Old 02-26-2019, 11:30 AM
lr172 lr172 is offline
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For my 6, I made one out of PVC pipe. It looks like a football goal post and is very secure. It holds the pedals in a neutral position. I never liked the idea of mounting something like the small bar posted above. I just thought it was too much leveraged force for the fuse skin back there.

A side benefit is that you can't forget to pull it off. Not saying anyone would fly away with it on, but it is frustrating to have to jump out after settling in an buckling up, at least on side by side.

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Old 02-26-2019, 12:12 PM
majuro15's Avatar
majuro15 majuro15 is offline
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Kenny, google the DA-40 gust lock. That's what I'm going to make up when I get to that point. The control approach pedals have a perfect little area between the pedals and the arms for the two arms to rest over. I think I'll try and work up a stiff solution instead of the straps, similar to the ATS control lock.
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Old 02-26-2019, 12:28 PM
bkc3921 bkc3921 is offline
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Default Keep it simple

I made one similar to the "Bavafa" device...using a thick piece of aluminum, AN-3 bolts, bolt head cut off, ends blunted on a grinder, and nuts on the treads to hold it in place on the aluminum. Attached a touch of stick-on soft velcro on the contact point to prevent any scratching of paint. I do have a florescent yellow "Remove before flight" banner held on by a key-ring type device. Simple, cheap, light, easy to see, and always in my flight bag..... With no disrespect, I can't understand why anyone would spend almost $200. on a device that looks like an octopus trying to mate with your stick... I have no fear about failing to remove it...As some have already said, it is virtually impossible to taxi with the gust lock in, and if "Flight Controls Free and Correct" is not in your pre-takeoff checklist, you've got bigger problems than a gust lock...
Brian K. Morrow
N433BC RV-7A Flying
"Maintain thy airspeed...Lest the earth arise and smite thee..."
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Old 02-27-2019, 07:55 AM
rcoleman-10 rcoleman-10 is offline
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Default rudder gust locks

Mine is made from scrap wing leading edge profile with a rib in the middle lined with soft material with a 1/4 inch pvc pipe adapter to reach the top of the vertical stab and slots in between the top of the rudder and the top of vertical stab. I will post a picture when i get to the hanger. Easy and cheap with plenty of grip to keep the rudder from swinging.

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Old 02-28-2019, 04:04 PM
rcoleman-10 rcoleman-10 is offline
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Default gust lock

as promised......
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Old 02-28-2019, 08:16 PM
Pilot135pd's Avatar
Pilot135pd Pilot135pd is offline
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Originally Posted by rcoleman-10 View Post
Your invention takes care of the rudder then for the ailerons, what would be wrong with using something simple like this?
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Old 03-01-2019, 04:46 AM
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MauleDriver MauleDriver is offline
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Originally Posted by BobTurner View Post
Like many others, I have adapted the Bogart tow bar to push forward on both pedals, held down by a seat belt. I carry the tow bar anyway so no extra weight. As a bonus, locks the elevator and ailerons at the same time.
Same here and I like it a lot.

I used it at first with no modification. I found that the two arms for the nosewheel would fit pretty securely at the bottom of the rudder pedals. Later I had my neighbor weld a couple of washers to the bar so it would securely key into the pedals.

Then I discovered that if I push the seat all the way back, I can just stuff the handlebar in from of the seat cushion. And don't even need to use the seat belt.

At first I used a bungee to tie the bar to the stick but have since just added a bit of anti-friction tape to the Bogey and don't tie it.

In any case, everyone needs some kind of rudder lock on the '10 or at some point, it will get slammed around more than you want.
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Old 03-01-2019, 05:00 AM
rcoleman-10 rcoleman-10 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2017
Location: Bastrop, TX
Posts: 33
Default gust lock

i should have taken pix of the aileron and elevator....also very simple and easy to fabricate......i will be back at the hanger this afternoon and finish the photo job

The aileron gust lock slots between the aileron and the flap and the elevator gust lock slots between the moving surface of the elevator and the stationary surface.
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Old 03-01-2019, 06:32 AM
Bill.Peyton's Avatar
Bill.Peyton Bill.Peyton is offline
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Here is what I have been using for 6 years. Simple and cheap for RV10. All it takes is the addition of a protruding screw to retain the end at the seat. The over-center action keeps the gust lock securely in place






Bill Peyton
RV-10 - 950 hrs
First Flight Oct 2012
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