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Originally Posted by HeliCooper View Post
Done and done.

If everyone wants to move forward with this then I created a document. Anyone that clicks on the below link can view and edit the document. If we can get a moderator to sticky the link at the top of the RV14 forum it should be an easy find for everyone.

As for formatting I will look to you building for what you think is the most logical solution. I was thinking the first column can be the section number/step number and then next column could be the description of what to watch out for. This way I can periodically, once a week or so, go into the document and reorder the steps so that it will be easy to find. This way when you are on your way out to work on a certain step you can you scroll to the area and see if there are any common problems. If we can all decide on a format here I will insert at the top the column headings and instructions for adding to the list.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do.
Really a slick idea......would be great for each of the RV model threads..
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