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Default fuel filter?

Although the procedures read fine, I did run my pump system with filter installed. I did several line flushes prior to attaching filter/pump, filled tanks off while off the plane, shook and drained, etc..... The inline fuel filter serves an important role, it protects your pump, any build debry (you don't catch by washing tank/lines) is going to get caught there for a good reason. I choose to check pressure, using that as a strong indicator the pump is functioning per specs. Also ran electric pump with throttle open wide, mixture open, noting fuel flow, used this really to clean preservation oil (new engine) from cylinder heads & air induction system (have bucket under air intake, no air filter box attached). The fuel filter removal/check is crucial after that first significant electric fuel pump and/or engine run/test from the tanks and just wanted that up front as well.

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P.S. Have N56GZ (RV10) through 75% of Phase I, Van's sure does provide us with a great flying machine.
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