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Default Make A Wish Check presented

from the front page:

Fri 03.26.10 1154z
A 'good' Friday. Today Ken Avery and I will hand a check for $6,000 over to Make-a-wish, an amount that equates to 100% of the profits from selling things with this site's logo on it over the past year and a half. Making a kid smile is a nice way to start the weekend, me thinks.
Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
Doug Reeves
(RV-6 / IFR rating progress)

I met Doug over at the Irving Texas MAW office, presented a $6000 check to them and did the fun big-check photo.

The most important parts of this -

$6000 pays for a wish! A family trip for four to Disney World, and all the things that go with it are a bit more than $6000, but no matter, we paid, YOU guys paid for a trip for a child, or a playground, or a wish to meet a country star, or something like that. And you have done it 2 times, 3 times, Doug?

It is totally awesome.

It was the most important week of our life with our son Julian, it was the last week he was able to walk, run, and play, and it happened at Disney in Florida, because of make a wish.

Doug will be posting a photo of a tree painting soon, over at Make a Wish. [ed. Update: posted in reply. dr].

Look closely at the leaves on the tree, they are all handprints of wish kids...

Thank you guys!
Ken Avery
Ken Avery
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