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Default Tools

Congratulations. Welcome to the Dark Side!
Tools are very personal. Start with the set and see where your personality takes you.
1. Good, light, fast 1/4". 6,000 RPM
2. Very personal. I prefer a c-frame.
3. Yes. Extra devurring and tool is handy for more than just friends. During assembly, it's handy to keep a threaded shank bit in one and countersink in the other. Two cages is nice. Three is even better. Two cleko pliers is good. Four or more will guarantee one is not lost.
4. Same as #1. Good 3X. Sioux 3X
5. Vise, grinder, band saw, drill press, bench sander. I prefer HVLP but lots are building with spray cans.
6. EAA benches are fine. I built a third using the excess plywood for the bench tools. I bought four of the mini drawer HF parts bins for all the bolts, nuts, washers, etc. Larger parts live wherever but my inventory has a column for shop location so I don't go insane looking. My mentor gave me the best tip. Buy a case of water in small bottles. Drink the water. Dry the bottles. That's 12 bottles for rivets. Label them before filling. Need more? Buy another case. They don't spill much if you knock one over. Buy some disposable cups and bowls. When you work, place the bottle in the bowl and pour out only what you need.
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