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Definitely get the #30 and #40 reamers, a few each, you will use them all the time.

The Lightweight Airhose Kit (Item #: ACKIT) is a must, much better then dragging along all the heavy hoses. I bought a good hose reel and have never missed the dedicated stations that some people put in

For drills I bought a nice and small 12v Hitachi lithium powered. Smaller is better.

For priming I've found a cheap touch up gun works great (found one on amazon ) PowRyte Elite 4.2 Oz Composite Mini HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun - 0.8mm Nozzle , less than $30

Put all your workspaces on casters so you can easily move stuff around.

Moving type blankets for wrapping up finished products (you can find them for 5 bucks)

Lots of the maroon scotch-brite pads

I've found a good drill press and small band saw (Lowes about $100) save a lot of time and produce a much better product
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