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I haven't built a -14, my responses are based on building my Rocket:

1. I bought a 1/4" drill. I have used tools for most of my 63 years, and wish I had bought one of these years ago. I really like it and have used it a lot after the build. I also got the quick change device for it - use mostly for #40 and #30 bits. if you get one of these be sure to get a light 1/4" hose with quick-couplers.

2. Cleaveland's C-frame is fine, you will need this. I use a DRDT-2 instead, but not necessary and there are those who claim it doesn't create as crisp a dimple. Don't know - mine works fine.

3. Get a couple cleco pliers, and a second deburring tool is a good idea,

4. The 3X should be all you need. When you get practice you will be able to adjust the amount of hammering with finger pressure.

5. The bigger tools I use most are my driill press, small band saw, bench vise, and scotchbrite wheel on the angle grinder. I also would not do this without a pneumatic squeezer. With respect to priming, I used my spray gun (I have a 7'x7'x7' spray booth) with epoxy primer. Others have used rattle cans, others don't prime at all - personal choice. Another word regarding air compressors - get a 2 stage compressor if you can.

6. My primary workbench is 96"x30". The top is a sacrificial piece of MDF that I have turned over once and now need to replace. I cut out a 1 foot square on the edge where I inserted a 1/2" steel plate to use for back-riveting. I also have a couple of small parts bins which I have labeled for all the rivets, screws, washers, nuts, etc. I would buy an extra supply of these things beyond what is included in the kit.

There are lots of differing opinions out there. The above is what works well for me.
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