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While waiting on replacement parts, I began shopping for avionics. I'm familiar with GRT but, while happy with the capability of the Sport SX I had in my 6a, I've been really impressed with the integration available from some of the other vendors. Eventually, I settled on the Dynon Skyview system based on cost, availability used, and features... especially with Dynon's comm radio. I've cobbled together a very nice system from new and used parts, occasionally coming up with surplus components which have hopefully gone to help others through the classifieds here.

Most of the month of May was spent setting up the electrical system, installing avionics and wiring, mounting accessories such as the ADAHRS and running associated pitot static lines.

The airframe kit came with a VP-X Sport. I probably would not have gone this route if it hadn't come with it. Fuses are cheaper and work just as well. However, there were some intriguing features such as flap and trim control that the VPX performs and, as I said, it didn't really cost me anything so it looks like an opportunity to learn a new system.

The control sticks were cut for tosten grips which I've used in the past and like quite a lot. However, the 8 "needs" an infinity grip which meant that I needed a longer front control stick. I toyed with the idea of welding an extension back onto this one, but eventually decided to just order a new one.
I combined all of the grounds into one in order to reduce the bundle size, then brought them all into a 9 pin dsub connector. The trim, flaps, flip-flop, ap disconnect and PTT are all controlled on the stick. I still have one on/off button left with no designated purpose. I was going to put the starter on the stick since the VP-X will disable it when the engine is running which means accidentally hitting it isn't as much of a worry. However, I decided to put it on the throttle instead.

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