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I'mSomeone asked how to plumb the fuel lines. I looked seriously at adding ER tanks to my -9 and the following are the different ways I have found people have set them up their ER tanks.

1. Pilot activated electric transfer pumps to move fuel to the main tanks.
2. Optical sensors in both main and ER tanks to automatically tun on and off transfer pumps. No pilot action required.
3. Each side's main and ER tanks are plumbed together and share a common vent. The idea being that as fuel is pulled from the main tank, fuel is siphoned from the ER tank.
4. Install a five way Andair valve and plumb a line to each ER tank. Left Outboard, Left Inboard, Right Inboard, Right Outboard, and Off.

I didn't install the Extended Range tanks I was looking at. So, I don't have a recommendation.
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