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I installed the Safeair ER tanks back in 2007/2008 during construction. My wings were quickbuild, but I felt like the installation was straighforward and the instructions and customer support were very good. The quality of the hardware is excellent. Six and a half years and 780 hours later they have performed flawlessly. I agree with Jesse. While I could fly the airplane six and a half or seven hours with the ER tanks, that is not my primary reason for installing them. I too, operate 55 to 60% LOP most of the time. Being able to have enough fuel for an alternate in IFR, being able to fuel round trip, and being able to "tanker" a bit when I come across good fuel prices are my reasons. I don't remember just how much weight they added, but I was building a heavy airplane anyway, (air conditioning) so, wasn't too concerned about that. CG is not affected at all, so I liked that.
Are they a necessity? No. Am I glad I installed them? Yes.
Sorry, I don't have any pics that I can access right now.
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