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Default Timing is everything

I think timing things to hit low-traffic times is essential. I've hung out at Baraboo-Dells airport or other airports less than an hour from Fisk, listened to the air show on the internet, launched 30 minutes after the airshow was over and it was a cakewalk. I've also followed a storm front in, been nearly first in line in the morning and nearly the last one in after dinner and minimized the risk. In my opinion once they start holding over the lakes it's time to go land and have lunch somewhere.

Sun-N-Fun to me is worse.

I absolutely agree with everyone about practicing slow flight until you have it nailed before going. You can't watch for others if you are struggling with your speed and altitude. I've flown into OSH about 8 times and still practice each July. I have found in my -8 that about 10 degrees of flaps makes it much easier.

I also suggest knowing the NOTAM by heart and using Mel's list (or your own) as just a checklist. RIPON is the wrong place to be reading the NOTAM.
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