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Default OSH

As I prepare for my 48th Oshkosh I will be parking my EAB at an outlying airport. The sad truth is that OSH gets more and more dangerous every year.
Far too many of the pilots who should be reading this can't be bothered. The basic flying skills of too many pilots is getting worse every year.
A couple years ago when the wind was probably 20-25 straight across 36, I watched from the SE corner of the airport for a while. The amazing thing is watching textbook perfect greasers in T6's, Beech 18's the Fords etc. Mixed in with this are the Mooney's, Bonanza's etc that are all over the runway. Far too many on the ragged edge of crashing.
This is not limited to inexperienced pilots. There was the DC3 many years ago that didn't lock the tailwheel and almost got into the crowd on takeoff. Mr. R, total loss of control in his single pilot jet attempting to land 18. The list goes on and on.
One important point I haven't seen mentioned: one should practice, starting at altitude and then in the pattern, very tight turns from base to final. This is the scenario with 9 and 18 active. In this scenario you will frequently have a tailwind on base for 18.
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