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Default Shorter roll out

Originally Posted by Sig600 View Post
How does ground handling on landing differ with 50 vice say 35?
In my experience it's not as easy to notice the difference on landing as on takeoff, as there are more variables on landing, such as the fact that you might touch down at a higher or slower airspeed, which will obviously cause a longer or shorter roll out independent of tire rolling resistance factors. Nevertheless, I think its undeniable that your roll out (taking brake application out of the equation) will be shorter when you are running at a lower pressure with more rolling resistance than vice versa, and my experience has shown that to be the case. You don't need as much braking to slow down.

Of course in the real world we apply brakes if needed and I'm sure there are experts who would be capable of saying how braking effectiveness, for example in an emergency situation calling for maximum braking, varies with tire pressure, but that's a separate issue.
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