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Originally Posted by rv6ejguy View Post
There are various iterations of induction tube layouts. If you have a type that the OEM flange won't slide off freely, you'll have to cut the tube, install flange and re-weld the tube. Most older parallel valve engines, just slide the flange over the tube. Mike can probably tell you the best place to cut the AV type tube.

The O-ring sits against the tube flange, the tube flange contacts the CNC'd flange metal to metal, just as the stock parts do. The silver ring inside the O-ring contains the O-ring in its cavity when it's compressed to provide the proper degree of squish.

You can rotate the tube with some force when the bolts are tightened down.
That is excellent design work!!! That allows for a tiny bit if head motion and still retain o-ring sealing. A few more hours on my bird and it is on the list for upgrade when the parts are off.

Keep up the good work, Team-Ross, kudos to Mike for initiative in action.

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