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Default ECI jugs/heads....Superior cold air induction


I just had parallel valve 360 build using ECI jugs/heads along with a Superior cold air induction. Mine is a little bit of a hybrid but Iím sure the intake tubes that I have were part of the Superior cold air induction kit. Barrett built my engine but it actually hadnít been shipped to me yet...(Iíll be getting it in about two weeks), so I actually havenít laid eyes on it yet so Iím not able to verify exactly what I have as we speak. So, with the question being raised regarding the different type of flanges, what kind do you suspect I have? Do you think your kit will work as-is on my application or do you think itíll need to be modified? My intake tubes have already been powder coated so hopefully no cutting or welding will be required to be able to use your new setup. Thanks!

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