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Originally Posted by Scott Chastain View Post
As the polishing progressed, small occlusions became visible along the upper edges of the V-groove.

The cause of the occlusions was unknown. Great care was taken to clean the plastic prior to bonding. Nevertheless, whether or not the imperfections would develop into full-blown cracks was yet to be seen.
Scott, a fascinating and instructive post with great pix. However a couple of questions for you.

Can you tell me why you used the PPG DX330 Acryli-Clean to prep the canopy. My understanding from reading the product tech info is that the DX330 is not suitable for acrylic (despite the name). The PPG SX103 might have been the more appropriate product. Is it possible that the occlusions you developed arose through using the wrong cleaner.

I am surprised that when you were using a Polyvance adhesive (ie Plastifix Clear) you did not use the Polyvance cleaner (1000-A Super Prep Plastic Cleaner) to maintain compatibility.

And finally, the fact that the Plastifix Clear was not in reality clear at all (but translucent) must have been disappointing. Is it possible that a Weldon Product might have been more transparent.
Bob Barrow
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