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Default Heading back home.

The vacation was coming to an end and we had one last item to attend. The band from high school had a plan to get together and play at the local bar. Many friends from high school had planned to be there. It was great to see so many old friends and listen to some good rock tunes. It was not going to be a late night as we had some miles to make the next day.

We got out to the airport late morning and packed the plane. It was sad to say our goodbyes to the family but it was time to go. We had 2000NM to cover in order to get home. The weather was windy and the ride was bumpy until we got above the scattered layer. First stop was going to be Trois Rivieres for lunch then off to Timmins Ontario to visit Shania….Just kidding;-) Trois Rivieres has the best Poutine ever! Soon the St Lawrence came into view.

In the middle of the ST Lawrence there is a beautiful Island with a 1500ft runway on it, looks like a great stop.

We flew by many ski hills that were road trip destinations when I was much younger. Not long we were over Quebec City. The controllers here are quite impressive, speaking both French and English.

Soon we were descending into Trois Rivieres. I usually do my radio work in French as it is good practice for me. I find I get much better response from other traffic if I do so. This stop has good fuel prices and great food. When travelling with a family it is always nice to not have to work to hard to find food.

After lunch everyone was very full so it wasn’t long before they all fell a sleep. I don’t think we even got to cruise altitude. The ride was quite rough so we climbed to 8500 ft for smooth air. We were then rewarded with 45 kts on the nose. Better than being beat up for 3 hours. The areas north of Montreal are just beautiful. Many small airports and out door activity options.

After we past the last of the civilization there was even more lakes. If only the ten could have floats!

As we neared Timmins a high over cast helped with the sun. The winds lightened as we headed west.

Timmis came into view and all the passengers started waking up. My son woke up 4 minutes before landing and commented how short of a flight it was. Yes just 3 hours short I mentioned! We landed in perfectly calm conditions.

We grabbed our over night bag and tied down the plane. Off we went to the hotel.

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