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Originally Posted by crabandy View Post
I decided on the 100MM stroke, 64:1 gear ratio P16-S linear actuator from Actuonix. The P series actuators are more robust than the L series, I would like 125mm stroke but 100 should work.

I roughly calculated 31 sq in of oil door area, I currently have 1-2 inches of H2O of lower cowling pressure for most flight speeds. Calculating for 3 inches of H2O (.11psi) is 3.41 lbs of force holding the oil door closed.

I chose the 64:1 gearing not for the 90N (20ish lbs) lifting but the speed is slower, Iím also going to be operating it at an angle (still unknown) that will require more force. Iím hoping for the advertised longer life especially operating in 170-200+ *F. Most every micro servo I looked at was rated at 5 lbs and 50*C (122*F), the P series is still only rated for 50*C.
I have toured the factory and asked the question. At higher temperatures, the internal glue that holds these actuator assemblies together will soften. Forewarned is forearmed.

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