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Originally Posted by g3xpert View Post
Happy Friday everyone,

Without commenting on the several topics of discussion going on in this thread, we just wanted to clarify that adding the capability for a G3X user to set up our VNAV feature to use a flight path angle instead of a vertical speed is in fact something we would like to investigate. If you've been following our products, you'll have noticed that we continue to roll out new features and improvements in our free software updates, and that we do go out of our way to incorporate customer feedback as resources permit.

Everybody have a great weekend, and fly safely...

- Matt

7 months have past since the above message from Garmin. Any development on giving g3x the capability that is present on g1000 (and that grt, mgl and afs already have), to descent to any waypoint with arbitrary bearing AND arbitrary glide angle, both kept constant by the autopilot?
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