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Originally Posted by snopercod View Post
That's a good place and you can walk right into the restaurant from the ramp. 10% discount if you fly in. At Rutherfordton, the tiny little 10-seat cafe is unique. Hickory has world-class cheeseburgers and a warbird museum, too. That's all the fly-in spots that I know of around Asheville. I'm looking for more and there are several RV guys at AVL who would like to come along next time.

Oh, since you're JohnnybGoode, here's a short video for you (turn it up!):
BQ1 at Carthedge and KMTV- blue ridge at Martinsville. You will like the Bar-B-Q at BQ1 and the meals and pie at KMTV are good with fuel at about the cheapest around, just try not to go on a race weekend, you will be out on the end of the line with all the race team jets taking the good parking spots.
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