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Originally Posted by Stu Mclean View Post
Hi all
Not the way I wanted put my first post up but I need some help
If have mis read the plans and riveted the wrong nut plates to the mount and now have the problem of trying to fix it so that the trim motor can mount flush
I don’t think I can get the squeezer in there to dimple or to rivet so was wondering what options I may have
Any advice would be appreciated other than read the plans properly you dopey twit ��

Don't worry. You're not a dopey twit. Few play this game without making some awesome errors.

Can you provide a specific part number that you're referring to? That could help us give you specific thoughts.

If you're referring to E-01410 Trim Access Reinforcement Doubler (page 09-12), you can drill out the rivets holding the nutplates, dimple the holes per Step 2, then buck the rivets holding the K1100-06 nutplates.

Remember, to get into tight spaces, anything with sufficient mass can be used as a bucking bar. I once used the blade of a heavy screwdriver.

Tiny bucking bars like this 12.5 ounce tungsten one can be helpful. eBay is frequently awash with these things.

You can also drill a hole into a bucking bar to accept a squeezer die, like below. This can be helpful for setting rivets and creating a dimple. I used this approach a few times during the build. Double bonus: The hole in the bar can also be used over the shop head of a rivet you're trying to remove when lightly tapping it out from the other side.

To give you more ideas, here's an approach I used on the rudder to dimple the aft-most holes on the R-00918 Attach Strips. It's a male dimple die, a washer, a "close quarters female die" and strategically ground-down no-hole yoke (with a little tape to keep it all in place).


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