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Originally Posted by asw20c View Post
Are you kidding me? 4 hours per tank? Are we building the same thing? I have about a hundred hours in my tanks at this point. We must be building in very different ways.
I'm an average builder from a speed perspective. Some things go fast for me, some go slow. The 4 hours/tank was the time to seal the tank, which in my case was to rivet and proseal the 6 or 7 baffles per tank.

But from start to finish, a non-PP tank took about a week (as I recall from 20 years ago) working bachelor length evenings (5+ hours). Drill everything one evening, maybe deburr a bit. Finish deburring the second evening and dimple. Make the stiffeners the third evening, dimple and deburr them. Also make that PITA front bracket and drill it on. Proseal and rivet the stiffeners the fourth evening, maybe do the end ribs with the squeezer too. The fifth evening (or on a weekend) bring a helper onboard to buck the rivets on the baffle ribs. After that, install the aft baffle, and you're done. Throw in an extra day somewhere for fitting/installing the filler neck and the plumbing and you're at about a week per tank.

Tear something up, run out of proseal, get called away on family duty? Those things create a huge time drag.
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