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Originally Posted by asw20c View Post
Are you kidding me? 4 hours per tank? Are we building the same thing? I have about a hundred hours in my tanks at this point. We must be building in very different ways.
You're probably counting different things. I suspect Kyle is counting only riveting time, not drill/debur/dimple/clean/etc.

I remember staying up late helping my dad rivet his tanks in high school. Jumped right into it on my plane and had fun (with 4 tanks).

Were I to do it again I'd mask off the inside of the tank to cut down on the mess, but overall it wasn't bad. Just wear crappy clothes, buy lots of gloves (Sam's!), and wear a respirator when you're using MEK. Take your time and do one rib at a time; add sealant to holes with a toothpick instead of dipping the rivet. Don't try to be stingy with sealant.
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