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Main tire 6 PLY RV-10 (U 15x 6.0-6 (x2))
Inner Tube Main RV-10 (U 15x6.0-6IT)
6 Ply Tire Main Gear (U 5:00x5-6)
Tube for 5:005-6 (U:500X5-6IT)
Grove Whl&Brk 6x6.00 (U-00011)
Nose Wheel w/bearings (U NW501.25)
Axle (U-1009)
Lwr intersect fairing (U-1019-L & U-1019-R)
Upr intersect fairing (U-1020-L and U-1020-R)
Gas strut for RV-10 (C-1016 Door Strut (x2)
Gas strut bracket (WD-1023-PC (x2)
Exterior Canopy handle (C-656 (x2)
Safety latch doubler angle (C-1021 (x1)
Safety latch hardware (BAG-542 (x1)
Safety latch hardware (BAG-543 (x1)


600N Heavy Door Strut (C-1016HD (x2)
Hinge Pin (SSP-090X6') - Will replace top cowl pins for easier removal.
Hinge Pin (SSP-120X6')
RV-10 Quickbuild 'Final Assembly'
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