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Default Is there a test?

Originally Posted by WingsOnWheels View Post
I have a similar setup, except GTX-330 (non ES) and Dynon Skyview. The Dynon and GTX-330 are hooked together so the GTX gets altitude data from the dynon and the dynon gets status, squawk and mode S traffic from the 330. I tapped into those same serial cables for the Echo Multiplex cable. I adjusted the settings exactly per the instructions that came with the Mux cable. Everything works perfectly. I get no red of any kind on the PAPR unless I go out of range.

Could you have a defective multiplexer?

On the topic of uAvionix support, they were great. I submitted on on-line ticket and got a call not 2 minutes later. Sent me the Mux and answered a number of questions I had.
I have a request in for a replacement MUX harness. Is there a way to test the one I have, I hate to start just replacing components? - Jason
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