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Default F-605C, F705B, DWG 20

This is a tricky spot. I found a few great tips using the search function. Credit goes to these two links.

Here's how I did it. YMMV
Cut F705B to length. Measure F-605C. On mine the bends were perfect. The bends determine where everything lines up. From the first outboard bend, measure 2" outboard and make a line. The next bend should land 3-3/4" from the end line. The inboard end of the bar should be 12-1/2" from the end line. Yours may be different. Mark a line at 6-1/2" from the outboard end line. That's where the taper begins toward the inboard hole. Make another mark 12-1/2" from the outboard end line. On mine it was exactly at the end of the inboard end of the bar. Measure 1/4" from the inboard end line and make a mark exact center of the bar. Center punch and drill a pilot hole. Enlarge to #31. This will be the alignment hole.
Draw a center line the length of both of the F605C bars and the F705B bar.
Locate the exact center of F705B and make a mark, center punch, pilot hole then finish #31 hole. Cleko F705B to the F705A bulkhead and clamp the ends making sure the alignment line is centered in all the holes. Match drill the holes leaving the bolt holes. I use a bushing with #41 hole to drill the bolt holes then enlarge to #13.
Now cleko F605C in place using the hole in the inboard end, square the ends of F-605C and F705B then clamp the ends with a shim. Match drill F605C through F705A. Go back through and ream all holes to the final dimensions.
Fabricate the F705H spacers just a bit longer than 1-1/2" and draw the center line. Insert it into place, mark where the hole will actually be located. Remove, center punch, drill #41. Clamp the two F705H spacers together and match drill then enlarge up to #12 reamer. Disassemble.
Mark F705C for the relief taper and cut away the extra making sure the edge distances are followed. Cleko parts back together.
Relieve the edge of F705H to fit.
Finally, cleko it all back together. On mine I had to cut about 3/32" off the inboard ends of F605C to match the F705B bar. Some have to cut both ends. YMMV.
I'm not saying this is the right way, but it worked out well.
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