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Originally Posted by Doyle231 View Post
Hi all,

I am in need of any ideas and recommendations for rear throttle and rudder pedals in rv4. I need to get some proficiency in my new rv4. I have been talking to Blake at flyboys and his been unreal with updates on their new rv4 pedals but not sure when they will be done. I am not too sure about the rv ones? things to be noted. i have rear foot wells and velo bucket seat Any help would be great as i want to enjoy my new toy asap!

G'Day James,
Having looked at one or two RV4's over the past 26 years, I have seen several iterations of rear controls. Some better than others. Van took the best ideas and incorporated them into the RV8. Take a look at the RV8 plans online for ideas.
The RV4 plans incorporate rear rudder pedals and Van's actually used to sell a rear rudder pedal kit. Personally I don't like them as they rub the thighs of the front seater and add several lbs of weight. They also require cutting holes in the forward floorboard panels.

First, my recommendation for the throttle is to keep it simple. Purchase some aluminum rod material, measure the length from the throttle lever to the rear seat bulkhead next to your left arm and cut it to fit. Drill holes in the bulkheads to align the rod with the front seat lever and use bulkhead sleeves to smooth the movement. Install a rod end on the front and a small knob on the rear, connect it to the front seat throttle lever and you have a rear throttle! (The RV8 factory setup is nearly identical).
Second, I highly recommend rear seat foot wells. Drawings are available and can be found in previous threads on this site using the search feature.
As for the the rear seat rudder pedals I used cable clamps with a set of small home made tabs attached to them that could be used as "toe pedals" in a pinch. Very light, simple and cheap.

Vince Frazier(flyboy accessories) sells the rear rudder pedal package Mike installed above, a nice bit of kit.

Fair dinkum!

PS: My Dad, a CFII/MEI 10,000hour tailwheel pilot rode with me in my RV4 right after it's completion in the early 1990's. With only the rear stick and limited visibility he made a near perfect landing from the pit with me as his "autothrottle/rudder". His comment afterward, 'easy taildragger, don't even need the rudder"

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