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Originally Posted by kentlik View Post
So I am good I don't use any of the three on the right in the picture, save for maybe alt air. What does that do? Outside of the obvious..

Or the oil shutter, never too hot never too cold in Oregon.
Just to clarify as well, all of them locations are for the fuel injected horizontal intake engine. The alternate air pass through is for the cable that opens a little door in the intake tube/plenum just past the air filter in case it ever gets blocked. As far as the shutter goes you probably don't need it where you live but I don't know. Where I live I know guys that have to tape their oil cooler completely off in winter. I'd rather be able to control it with a less "gheto" feel. haha This is the shutter. I also came up with what I thought the best area for the pass through was on that one.
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