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I have the same gear legs and brakes. Beringer has modified their axles for the RV8 permitting the calipers to be mounted either in the forward or aft position allowing for brake port access at the bottom. Here is a pic of mine. You will need to call Viviane at 864-214-4274 to swap out the axles, correct part number is FUS-009.2C. The .2B will not work because the radius from axle centerline of the fixing bolt holes and the axle bolt holes are slightly different. So when the caliper is rotated 45 degrees to mount in the forward or aft position the fixing bolt holes on the caliper would not line up with the axle holes to insert the bolts. Not sure if this makes sense but it is easy to see with the parts in hand. Tom at TS Flightlines made brake lines for me that fit well with a 90 degree elbow fitting.

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