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Default My weight

Left 503
Right 499
TW 75
Total 1077 C.G. 81.78

ECI IO-360 180 hp with 3 blade Catto, simple panel, night vfr with MGL Enigma EFIS, no interior except cloth covered seats and some blue foam with carpet on the floor between the ribs.

However, this is after adding a 20lb Saber Mfg steel crush plate and longer bolts. With the 1 pound aluminum crush plate, I was at 1056lbs and 82.37 C.G., which only gave me 32lbs of baggage capacity. Adding 20lbs to the nose added 18lbs to the rear baggage capacity at landing weight with an hour of fuel reserves.

For Oshkosh, I strapped tools and tiedowns under my co-pilots legs, and velcro'd a plastic box in front of the fuel pump for spare oil and canopy cleaner, thus putting some of the cargo weight in front of CG.
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