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Originally Posted by leok View Post
We used to call these "as Builts" in the old construction days.
I know all about those from my power plant days. Red to add and green delete...or was it the other way around

Regarding the USB ports, I use a plug-in USB charger to charge my Stratus 2 after I shut down. I plug the charger into my single Cigarette lighter plug. If I leave it overnight, there is no problem draining the battery. But if I leave it for several days, it does drain the battery a little. Also, I think if you are using built-in USB charger(s), they're going to draw some current even if nothing is plugged into them. I'm thinking you might want to run those directly from the battery through a normally-off switch. If you needed to charge something overnight, you would turn on the switch.

Edit: I used small 18V MOVs across all switches, and larger ones across the starter and master relays. I also used snubbing diodes across the relay coils.
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