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I've sat in a 4 but no actual flight time. One I'm looking at had rear pedals, the other does not. I have Citabria and cub time, flown handful of other aircraft and fly light twins commercially. I haven't fully bought the transition training idea yet. An rv is just another airplane and I don't think the transition is really necessary, but I would like to have someone ride along for a few trips around the pattern. As for my insurance they are fine with a cfi ride along for 2 hours. No transition or anything required. They don't really care if the cfi has any rv time as long as he/she has 150 hrs tw time. Glad to hear not everyone thinks rvs require 747 type training. Lol I've been told you actually don't have to dance on the rudder as much with the rv4 as you would a Citabria. Any truth to that?
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