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Originally Posted by jMINTj View Post
So true! And I appreciate the recommendation. I tried to order one when Numatix was having their "going out of business/being bought out" sale here in the classifieds, but there was some confusion on my order (my fault) and they were out by the time I caught it. I'll have to order one. Is it useful before getting to the fuse kit?
Absolutely! There are tons of spots where the rivet is next to a flange and the longeron yolk will essentially give room for the flange. I just used it the other day when I riveted the main ribs to the rear spar on my wings. Virtually every major assembly I have used it on.

Also I just read your latest post, to avoid them markings by the rivet set most people just put a bit of blue painters tape on the part and peel it off after riveting. I highly recommend this when you start riveting on an exterior surface.
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