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Originally Posted by Ed_Wischmeyer View Post
Here are a “few” comments, and of course, your mileage may vary:
Hope this helps,

1. The USB port on the left is so close to the throttle that there may be interference with the port or the cables;
Correct and there might be. The left side may move up / out on the panel.
2. If there is anything dangling from the ignition key, it may hit the stick when deflected or be a nuisance on your leg;
Just the key – No dangling things….I’ll leave all the other keys on my car key chain.
3. Things that earn their way onto the stick are those that you use frequently and need promptly, or need to access when both hands are busy. Boost pump does not qualify. Also, there’s the concept of flow, that you move your attention around the cockpit in the same order as they appear on the checklist to make sure that the switches are all set. Boost pump on the stick probably wouldn’t fit that concept well;
How is the boost pump not used frequently? Pump on before / after takeoff and on during landing. Flow will be reconsidered, thanks.
4. Similarly, the only reason for having flaps on the stick is if you need to dump flaps on the rollout. I’ve thought about doing this on my RV-8;
I like it on the stick. Personal preference and I don’t need to move my hands during takeoff / landing.
5. Nice that your stick grip is not left or right handed;
I did this so there is no conflict if I want to switch hands.
6. I’ve learned to fly my RV-9A with left hand on the stick, and it no longer has the awkward feeling it did when I started. You’ll have all of Phase 1 to get used to it, so you might not need the dual throttles;
I will eventually adapt but I do this for personal preference.
7. Good that you grouped your switches instead of having a long row;
8. I’d put strobe at the end, rather than in the middle;
My checklist have me putting on strobes before NAV, Landing or Taxi lights. So flow for me is this setup.
9. If you ever do go inside cloud, it will be strobes off, pitot heat on. You might consider putting them next to each other;
No problem. I’ll switch positions between the PITOT and A/P switches. Now they are next to each other but still separated by groups.
10. The parking brake is in an area normally reserved for power controls, and more specifically, for carburetor heat. I’d move it. Similarly for cabin heat;
I’m going FI so no carb heat. I don’t want any push/pull cables sticking out from the panel or hidden in a corner somewhere.
11. No point in putting warning lights on the center stack, put them in front of the pilot;
I have them above the COM to separate them slightly from the busy color screen of the EFIS. My eye will catch the out of place light warning better this way.
12. Having a light for fuel pump on is no longer considered by all to be good human factors (quiet, dark cockpit concept). The argument is that it gets you used to seeing a light on;
It will be off during most of the flight. Because I do not have a panel mounted fuel pump switch it will illuminate whenever the pump is on as a reminder.
13. Move the seat warmer switches closer to the pilot.
This location is strictly for the wife. I will hardly ever use it and within easy reach for me and out of the way of normal switches. Same for the dimmers.

Thank you for the input Ed. It is appreciated.
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