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Just to clarify - there are 3 documents here :

A) Canadian Aviation Regulations Section 549
This is a very small text saying that you need to do a letter of intent, follow the AWM Chapter 549, do most of the work (major portion) and have inspections during construction and before the first flight.

B) Chapter 549 of the Airworthiness Manual
Not to be confused with the one above. Happens to have the same number but is an exhaustive list of mandated equipment, max wing load, minimum engine power, log books, maintenance, etc.

C) Exemption of Section 549.01 of the CARs and Chapter 549 of the Airworthiness Manual

When dealing with MD-RA, we now have 2 choices stating that the project :
1) Will meet the requirements as specified in Chapter 549 of the Airworthiness Manual, (AWM).
2) Will meet the requirements as specified in the "Exemption from Section 549.01 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, (CAR’s) and Chapter 549 of the AWM"

So you need to pick :
1)You can use CARs 549.01 + AWM Chapter 549 (A+B)
2)Exemption of both documents (C which replaces A & B)

My current understanding of the differences :
  1. Placards + identification plates aren't the same
  2. Max number of seats (AWM = max 4)
  3. Builder assistance (not allowed with AWM)
  4. Minimum equipment list isn't the same (AWM mandates a Gascolator)

In fact, there's a "purpose" section in the Exemption that states :

The purpose of this exemption is to permit persons who apply for a special certificate of airworthiness in the amateur-built classification:

-to contract for professional assistance in the construction or assembly of parts of the aircraft, provided the work is subject to the builder’s overall control;
-to import, register and operate in Canada foreign-built amateur-aircraft, subject to a Transport Canada inspection of the aircraft; and
-to not have to comply with the maximum permissible take-off mass (weight) and the maximum number of passenger seats requirements.
Importing an amateur build aircraft? Using professional help? Have a 6 seater? You NEED to use option C because you aren't compliant to A+B.

If I understand everything correctly, it means that my -12iS project built exactly to plan (by myself) except for the addition of a gascolator can be built and get a CofA-AB (Certificate of Airworthiness, Amateur-Built) with either one of the 2 "rules".

It would comply with Section 549.01 of the CARs, Chapter 549 of the AWM and also comply with the single document that is the exemption to both of those. So basically "A+B+C".

Which one should I pick? very good question, I'll need to read every document exhaustively, do the wing loading, weight and HP calculation then pick my "favorite" I guess?

I think I need a call with MD-RA
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