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My opinion is that The reason type certificated aircraft need many TSO’d parts is not due to part 91- it’s buried in the type certification process. The original 172 that earned the TC had TSO’d brand X nav lights. Every 172 since then has had brand X nav lights, or nav lights installed under an STC. In the past the FAA was reluctant to issue STCs for non-TSO’d products, although that seems to be changing (e.g., Dynon EFIS). Since EAB aircraft don’t have type certificates, none of this applies. The FARs applicable to EAB say “approved lights”, which per the FARs mean approved by the administrator. The recent FAA interpretations of this seem to be “meets the performance specifications” of the applicable TSO or other FAA publications. So any nav light that meets the color, brightness, and coverage specifications is okay for EAB.
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