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I have been watching this thread with some degree of concern.
Any thread about the classified section that starts with “scammed” casts a dark cloud of suspicion over every classified ad placed here. This is especially true if the alleged offender isn’t identified.

While I have no reason to believe the OP wasn’t scammed we do not know the circumstances of the deal, what was done to contact the seller nor who the seller was. We also have not heard the sellers side of this issue.

Often in the past these issues have been a result , as someone else mentioned, of an illness, miscommunication, postal error, etc.

In the meantime we are all left wondering who the offending seller is which causes concern for anyone getting ready to make a purchase from the VAF classifieds.

If you purchase an item and feel you have been scammed, and truly tried hard to contact the seller with no response or satisfaction over a reasonable period of time then you really need to identify them so they can, comment and or make it right. So the rest of us can avoid purchases from them if we agree with your grievance,. And so the ,balance of sellers ,on the site, are not under a shadow of suspicion.

If you feel scammed I suggest you make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue with the seller/buyer and then if you feel compelled to go public with your complaint then I think you are obliged to divulge the name of the alleged offender, the nature of the deal and the measures you took to resolve the issue.
Just saying you were scammed doesn’t help anyone.

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