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Interesting reading.

I have an RV 4 with the standard 120 litre wing tanks with an axillary 55 litre tank on the back seat (not happy with this, see my other post inquiring about seat tank)

I usually fly 1.5 hours over open water then another 3.3 (depends on conditions) and end up with required reserve fuel.

I start off on axillary, time it @ 35 liters per hour then switch to left or right main tank, because I never trust fuel gages l again time it and change tanks and look at ETA.

I usually get there with plenty of reserve fuel, like I said l plan my trip when looking have a good tail wind in front of a high pressure system.

I have often wondered if l ran the axillary tank out and the engine coughed, would l be quick enough to change the selection valve over to mains, could l restart without going swimming?

I've never tried it, anyone got into this situation and exactly what happened?

Thanks in advance.
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