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Regarding the Archers
My problem with the Nav has been limited to a single ILS so far. A coupled intercept just doesnít work in that case and the needles jump around enough to make a hand flown intercept a bit sloppy. Iím sharing the antenna between 2 Nav radios and then a splitter for my number 1 Nav, so that probably doesnít help. I am adding whiskers for my no. 1 and retaining the Archer for my no.2.

The Comm worked well enough on my no.2 Comm until I lost my whip connected No.1 while flying to the other coast. Faced with a coast to coast flight with a single Comm, I felt compelled to swap antenna before returning home. So I decided to go with 2 whips after that. (Sorry if thatís a repeated story).

So I found my (real) Archer installation not quite up to what I found I wanted. But I still think they are a good solution for many if not most missions.
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