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A few years ago, flying out west, I lost a com radio while encountering some 'snow virga' at 10k concurrent with observing some lightening or an electric discharge in my peripheral vision. I am not knowledgeable about static wicks and what they are intended to do or prevent but I've been led to believe they would have prevented this particular incident.

Having said that, that is the only possibly static related problem encountered in 1,000 hours of RV10 flying with a good deal of flying in eastern weather in IFR conditions.

Regarding Antenna: I installed Archer Nav and Comm. I replaced the Comm some years ago because I found that if performed slightly worse than my whip. I am considering replacing the Nav because of ILS reception problems at a single airport/runway. Having said that, I think both the Archer Nav and Comm work just fine for VFR work.
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