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I believe it was Eric I spoke with. He said that NONE of the factory aircraft have wicks on them although he did say they are rarely flown in IFR (where static is most likely to occur). He was also unaware of issues on other aircraft without static wicks. I came to the conclusion that if there was a problem it would be known to someone either at Garmin or Vans and neither could report knowledge of issues. Eric is currently building a -10 and does not have wicks installed on his as a side note.

- Tim
Tim, thank you. I understand his decision. IFR flying in VFR or marginal VFR conditions does not qualify for wicks installation.
I might find myself circumnavigating storms in summer. The last thing I want is to loose my comm in real IFR. My current decision is to put wicks on the airplane but only half the amount suggested by DG. Maybe the comm would work just fine, but I don't want to find out later in a serious situation

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