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Originally Posted by Mich48041 View Post
How about using a "conduit bushed nipple" available at hardware stores.
A google search will show pictures.
I was just looking at those yesterday. I don’t know what I don’t know, yes? I couldn’t find any made of steele. Either by description or magnet. I know my magnet works as now my ATM card doesn’t. Most of the items were listed either as zinc or galvanized. Is it solid zinc, or coated in zinc. Zinc melts around 790’F. So, if solid zinc, it’s not durable enough. Then the galvanized stuff can gas off nasty stuff. So why not avoid that entirely? The zinc part was only $.99, so I may pick one up today and put it through my friends torch to see what happens.

BTW, my Cessna 150 was built with a galvanized firewall and had a sound blanket on the back side/interior of the firewall. Plastic coated with what looked like fiberglass sandwiched between the plastic. Replacement firewalls are stainless steel. But how many 150s have an engine fire? Although, I think I was close. When I added a JPI fuel flow meter... I found the great looking fire sleeved fuel hose was extremely brittle. With very little handling, it leaked 100LL all over. Glad I added a ff transducer, new fuel line and avoided a time bomb.

Edit: stupid me. If it is solid zinc or coated, it doesn’t matter. It’s the zinc which gasses off on galvanized steel which is nasty. So, I’ll avoid either. YMMV. Tim
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