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So, Scott, how is that -8 project coming? Here are a couple of pictures taken in the shop moments ago. Gear leg bolts have been drilled, skins are being riveted on. What you can't see is all of the completion details that have already been dealt with inside the canoe. Such as wiring runs planned out with holes drilled and adel clamp nutplates installed. Ground locations already prepared. Servo brackets all installed. Com antenna locations and doublers are all done. Forward and rear baggage access mods complete. AHRS and Mag mounts complete. ALL plumbing is already done (fuel tank plumbing, fuel supply, filter, pump, return, vents, brake lines). After the skins are all stitched up in the next week or so, we'll flip it, do a little pre-wiring in the tailcone and stitch the top aft skin on. Then I'll attack the showplanes canopy fiberglass work. Ordered a Todds canopy for that...

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