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Two years after first flight, and finally got her painted!

Luke Strawbridge @ Ace Aircraft in Bartow did the paint, and I am very happy. As a side note, Luke took over this paint shop from the previous owner a year ago, who was doing shoddy work and illegally dumping chemicals. This is NOT the same company! I gave Luke a few pictures of planes I liked, and he did most of the design work. Luke is a stand-up guy trying hard to build his own business after working under John Foster in Lakeland for years. He had the work done on time (3 weeks!) and on budget. I find it hard to believe he made much money off me, but he said he really enjoys doing RV's and would love to do more of them.

The original plan was just all white and I would add vinyl decals (limited budget!). But Luke said he had some colors left over from larger jobs and would do a simple multi color paint scheme at no extra charge. The blue is actually the same blue used on Air Force jets, and it turns out I really like it. The paint is JetGlo Express, and looks extremely tough. Two year warranty on the paint.

Chris Johnson
RV-9A - Done(ish) 4/5/16! Flying 4/7/16

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