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After being away from the project for almost 5 month, I've been back at it and worked on a variety of small projects. this includes the FAB airbox, making and fitting my fluid lines including finishing up much of the brake lines including the parking brake. I put my Odyssey battery on the firewall and installed my XM radio for in-flight entertainment. I installed a strut to support the canopy. I put the gascolator on the firewall and ran my throttle and mixture cables. A little work on the interior included insulating the floor of the forward fuselage. My current project is re-doing the cowl and converting to 4" round inlets. This will be combined with a fiberglass plenum. I also modified the placement of the horizontal cowl pins to be able to insert them from the rear.

June updates
July updates
August updates

All this while I"m trying to get my brothers RV7-A up in the air.
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