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Originally Posted by Carl Froehlich View Post
Same problem on the RV-10 and RV-14. This is what I did and recommend:
- Take a 1/2 x 1 or so piece of .125 aluminum, run the edges over your scotchbrite wheel.
- Drill a #30 hole biased to one side. Use your deburring tool to make a small countersink on one side. Insert a just slight linger round head rivet and set so that the shop head is flush with the back side of the aluminum. Buff smooth.
- Add clear packing tape on the back side.
- Tape your now finished custom rivet tool over the rivet you want to set. Have the round head right over it.
- Use your long round head rivet set and drive the rivet.
- Repeat as needed.
That is absolutely brilliant! Wish I'd thought of it before doing my bottom wing skins. Mine came out OK (they'll look fine under paint!), but undoubtedly not as nice as yours. Great idea!

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